​Acupuncture is one of the four branches of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) that has been used for thousands of years to control pain and treat disease. Acupuncture works by stimulating nerve impulses beneath the surface of the skin along designated body channels. These nerve impulses help the body release its own natural pain inhibition thereby improving mobility and quality of life. Acupuncture provides profound pain relief and can improve many musculoskeletal and peripheral neurologic conditions.

​Although acupuncture is most often used for degenerative joint pain and arthritis, it can also be used for heart, gastrointestinal, respiratory, behavioral, and other health related issues. Acupuncture can be used alone, in combination with other TCVM treatments, or in conjunction with modern day medications. The greatest results are seen when acupuncture is performed by a trained, certified veterinarian in conjunction with appropriate traditional therapy. Berry Farms Animal Hospital is proud to offer veterinary medical acupuncture as a drug-free adjunctive therapy for our patients.

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